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Laser Cut Acrylic

Laser Cut Acrylic

Laser cut acrylic

Laser cutting/machining acrylic is suitable for fabricating letters, signs, logos, shapes, templates, engineering panels and complex shapes.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with high power state-of-the-art German Rofin laser cutting which is the pinnacle of technology in terms of precision, quality and performance. Our Laser machine cuts acrylic up to 20 mm thick. Laser cutting enables smooth and polished edges that add to the impressive finish of the products.

We collaborate across Australia with universities, museums, poster writers, signage companies, retail stores, engineering companies, event and marketing managers, hospitality, and health and safety industries to provide with Laser Cut Acrylic Sydney.

Manufacturing and Design

With plastic fabrication experience and learning of over 25 years, our designers, fabricators and machinists thrive on providing the most practical and cost-effective solution to your requirement. We utilise high-end CAD software like Solid Works for creating design solutions and programming of laser jobs.  The design process is often followed by rendering, feasibility analysis, and the prototyping of the selected profiles on laser and fabrication for testing & final approval from the client, following by volume production.

Quality of service

When it comes to acrylic laser cutting service, Australian Plastic Fabricators take pride in high-quality workmanship and service. Leveraging our experience and expertise in laser cutting, CNC machining, and fabrication, we offer high quality results and customer service that is exemplary.

We specialise in bulk laser cutting and machining for a wide range of products and applications. Australian Plastic Fabricators offer laser cut acrylic services from making prototypes, small one-time orders, batch production all the way to large quantity productions. We pride ourselves on the work we do, ensuring complete customer satisfaction every time.

Australian Plastic Fabricators has expertise in fabricating laser cut acrylic 3D signs, corporate signs, multi layered signs for branding, events and exhibitions. We also laser machine Opal acrylic to manufacture custom illuminated signage. Laser cutting is one of the preferred methods for machining custom profiles in gold mirror and silver mirror acrylic, whilst provides smooth and consistent edge quality.

A few useful points about laser cutting service …

How thick acrylic can we Laser cut?

Everything between 1 mm thick upto 15 mm thick.

What type of acrylic can we laser cut?

We can Laser Cut Perspex Sydney, Plexiglas, Shinkolite, Astariglas or other equivalent premium plexiglass sheets. It can range from Cast acrylic or extruded acrylic, clear or coloured acrylic, tinted frosted or opal acrylic as well as mirror acrylic.

What is the general lead time?

Our acrylic laser cutting service lead time could be short and efficient as same day depending on the job & how busy are we running.

What type of file do I need to provide for laser machining?

We work with most type of vector format files like ai, eps, pdf, dxf, dwg etc. If you do not have the file contact us and we will endeavour to assist.

What are the product applications of laser cut acrylic?

Acrylic is a perfect material for laser machining. The variety of thickness, textures and colours make this material ideal for a wide variety of uses,

• Signage at the point of purchase
• Perspex 3D letters and logos
• Precision medical equipment made of acrylic
• Acrylic partitions and screens
• Directional and safety signage
• Containers / boxes with corporate branding
• Cake / cupcake toppers
• Personalised awards
• Event decorations
• And much more!

Feel free to email or call our staff at Silverwater/Ultimo for further discussion about Laser cut acrylic and plastic fabrication!